Vietnam Itinerary

We will start the trip by landing in Hanoi where we will spend 3 days in Peridot Grand Hotel & Spa (located at the center of the city), where we will discover the lively atmosphere of the city, walk around Hoan Kiem Lake, visit the night market,  the different temples in the area, or take a motorcycle taxi and get lost in the chaotic traffic of the city to reach Ho Chi Minh mausoleum, where we will see the mummy of the former prime minister. On the third day in the morning, we will take a bus to Halong city, where we will take a small cruise around the islands of the bay and then we will visit the city until the very night, then we will take a  night bus directly to Sapa. 

Once in Sapa, we will use the whole morning to visit the small town (Sapa) before heading to a traditional village, where we will spend the night with the locals. The next day, the most adventurous will start trekking to the Fansipan Peak, they will trekk for 2 two days. After spending the night in the mountain, they will reach the top in the morning to enjoy the views of the highest peak in Vietnam and prepare to descend for the rest of the day, while the others wait for them, enjoying the comfort of the city. Again, at nightfall, we will take a bus to t to the beautiful city of Ninh Binh. 

From Ninh Binh, we will go to Trang An, where we will take a raft tour along the Sao Khe river, passing through some caves. Then we will visit Hoa Lu, an ancient Chinese complex where we will explore several temples before returning to the city. The next day, early in the morning, we will rent some bikes and go on the typical tourist tour through the waters of the Ngo Dong river, discovering the beautiful views of Tam Coc. Then, we will return the bicycles and go to Bich Dong, where we will have to climb a few hundred steps to reach the 3 Buddhist Pagodas, surrounded by spectacular views of unspoiled nature. Finally, we will go to Mua Cave, a viewpoint that must be seen, from there we will go back up the mountain, this will reward us with one of the best skylines in the country so that we can immortalize in a photo our stay there before returning to the city to rest. Then we will continue our journey to the south of this fascinating country passing through Hoi An.




After arriving in Hoi An, considered the most beautiful city in Vietnam, we will stay 4 days in Boutique Hoi An Resort to rest and swim on the different beaches of the city. While we walk through this spectacular old town full of lanterns and yellow houses, there’s the option of hiring a guided tour of My Son, some ruins of a Hindu shrine 40 kilometers away from Hoi An and another in Hue, the ancient capital of Vietnam. 

Once we finish this short break, we will set off again to modern Ho Chi Minh, formerly known as Saigon, where we will end our trip staying in Thao Dien Village. We will be visiting the city after spending a day through the Mekong Delta, where we will travel by boat through its canals, visiting its floating markets, and the rice fields.

The price of this trip  is 1500 €