*( Update)*, We cancel the reservation of this itinerary for safety, indefinitely pending the resolution of the political conflict that has taken place in these recent weeks.

We will arrive in Yangon, and we will take advantage of the few hours that we will be in the city to rest from the jet-lag and to make contact with its inhabitants before we take a night bus to Hpa-An, where we will spend two nights at the Little Hpa-An hotel.

Once in Hpa-An, we will rent some motorcycles and we will dedicate ourselves to touring one of the most beautiful towns in the country and its surroundings, where we will find rice fields, caves, traditional villages, and some old Buddhist temples among the spectacular karst formations of the terrain. Once we finish exploring the area, at sunset, we will return to Yangon by another night bus, although in this case, we will link it with another that will take us to Bagan (18 hours approx). Once in Bagan, where we will arrive at noon, we will go to the Bagan Central Hotel, where we will leave our baggage before re-renting some motorcycles to tour the plain for three days visiting the different pagodas temples.

On the last day in Bagan, we will go to Kalaw, where we will stay one night at the 7 Mountain View Hotel, gathering strength for the trekking that we will be doing early the next day. These 2 nights and 3 days, in which the trekking will be done, will be one of the most exciting experiences of our trip to Myanmar. We will walk through tea fields and rice fields, we will have the opportunity to meet different tribes and ethnic minorities of the country, we will sleep in Buddhist shrines, etc. We promise you a whole journey through the five senses.

Once rested from the trekking, we will rent a small boat to cruise through the beautiful Inle Lake, and in the afternoon, we will go to the airport where we will take a plane to Yangon. This time, we will dedicate ourselves to touring the famous capital staying at the Pan Pacific Yangon hotel, and losing ourselves for 3 days through its narrow streets, and visiting the great Shwedagon Pagoda before catching our plane back.