We will start the trip by spending 3 days in Singapore, where we will stay at the luxurious and famous Marina Bay Sands hotel while we adapt to the jet-lag, we get ourselves lost in the center of the great metropolis of Southeast Asia, we go shopping in its bustling markets or we simply relax on the beautiful beaches of Sentosa Island before continuing our journey on a plane to Kuching (Malaysia).


After arriving in Kuching, we will spend the afternoon discovering the picturesque city where we will stay during the night at the Grand Margherita Hotel.  In the morning, we will leave in a taxi towards the port, in which a ferry will transfer us to the Bako National Park, where we will pass two days accompanied by a guide, exploring the countless paths that run through it. After the park tour, we will return to Kuching, where we will stay in the same hotel for two nights, and we will finish exploring the city while visiting the orangutan recovery center, the cat museum, and the Pink Mosque.


After our stay in Kuching, we will fly to the Perhentian Islands, where we will let ourselves be carried away by the tropical vibe; diving among turtles and sharks, snorkeling or simply enjoying the sun and beach while we stay for 3 nights in the Bungalows of the BuBu Long Beach Resort. On the fourth day, we will travel to our last destination, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital, where we will spend 3 nights at the Pavilion hotel visiting the city and the famous Batu caves before returning to Spain.

The price of this trip  is 1200 €